Ridwan Salim – President
One of the founders of Indocare Group, Mr. Ridwan Salim has extensive experience in financial and management consulting, having spent many years in consultancy firm Business Management Advisory. He graduated with an MBA degree from California State University Stanislaus, USA in 1983, and is also the founder of consulting firm Business Management Advisory.
Aswan – Executive Vice President Operation
Mr. Aswan started out in the field of sales working at PD Wismilak in Medan, in 1976. He then served as Import and Sales Manager in 1983 and as Import and Marketing Manager in 1986. He joined Indocare Group in 1989 in order to advance his career under the challenging new duties and responsibilities.
Rudy Tandi – Vice President of Marketing Strategic Advisory
Serving as Vice President Marketing since 2009 and now as Vice President of Marketing Strategic Advisory, Mr. Rudy Tandi has more than 15 years of experience in the consumer goods and health supplement industries. To date, he has managed a number of renowned consumer brands in over-the-counter medicine, toothpaste, and baby products categories. He graduated from Tarumanagara University in 1992, and is currently active as a guest lecturer in marketing at a number of universities in Jakarta.
direksi edianto
Edianto Taman – Vice President of Resources Management
Serving as Vice President System, Strategy & HRD in 2014 and now as Vice President of Resources Management, Mr. Edianto Taman has built his career in three groups of companies –Astrido Group as Finance & Accounting Department Head, a retail and food company as Director of Finance, Accounting & System, and currently Indocare Group. At Indocare he has been involved in a number of key projects such as reorganization and restructuring, ISO 9001:2000 implementation and Balanced Score Card. Previously he served as Vice President Finance Accounting & System (2009-2012) and Vice President Operation (2007-2008). He graduated from Trisakti University with Magistrate Management in Finance (cum laude) in 2005. 
Monica Katrin – Vice President of Marketing
Serving as Assistant Vice President Operations in 2012 and since 2015 appointed as Vice President of Marketing, Mrs. Monica Katrin honed her business acumen in the consumer goods and pharmacy industries specifically in sales and marketing. She graduated from University of Indonesia (cum laude) in 2000 with Magistrate Management degree and previously served as Marketing Division Head at Totalcare – a business unit of Indocare Group. She also once spent some time as a lecturer in statistics and business projections, as well as Sales Director in a consumer goods and personal care company.
direksi roslynda
Roslynda Karim – Vice President of System & Strategic Management
With 13 years of working experience in financial analysis, accounting consolidation, treasury finance, investor relation and company administration, Mrs. Roslynda Karim joined Indocare in 2013. Previously she worked at PT Kapal Api Global as Senior Manager of Finance & Accounting Consolidation (2009-2013) and at PT Astra Otoparts Tbk. as Financial Analyst Manager (2007-2009). She graduated from Trisakti University with a bachelor degree in Accounting in 1998.