To celebrate Ramadhan, the month of blessings, Indocare Group held its yearly Iftar Dinner Event on May 17th 2019. The joyful event started with a performance of Islamic religious songs by some Indocare employees, filling up the solemn atmosphere in the room.


After a welcome speech from Indocare’s HR Division Head, Mrs. Janette Purnomo, the event continued with Al Qur’an recitation, games and doorprizes, and also one of the most anticipated sessions, the sermon.


On this occasion, Indocare Group family also had the chance to share the joy of Ramadhan with the children Pesantren Yatim Piatu Assurur, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta. Indocare’s Group Board of Management, Mr. Suyudi, Mr. Edianto Taman, and Mr. Rudy Tandi also came forward, to hand out donations which accepted by the representative of Pesantren Assurur.

After maghrib prayer, Indocare Group family gathered together for delicious supper, closing the event in togetherness.


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On April 24th-25th 2019, Indocare had participated in Indonesia Career Expo which was located in Balai Kartini, Jakarta. Looking for the perfect candidates to fill some vacant positions and increasing more awareness about our company and brands, Indocare opened a booth and successfully welcomed around 1630 job seekers on this two-day event.


On their visit to our booth, the job seekers got the chance to discover the job vacancies as well as our company and brands, especially our most prominent brand, Holisticare Ester C. After submitting their CV and consulted our HR team about their career opportunity at Indocare, the job seekers could also refresh themselves by tasting our very own Holisticare Ester C Effervescent Orange and other delightful snacks.


See you on our next event!


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Indocare Group’s Blood Donation Day is back. This time, the highly anticipated event which was held on March 29th 2019 managed to attract 142 participants from Indocare Group family to the people around Indocare Group's Headquarter area.


Not only given a chance to do the good deed by donating their blood, the donors could also get a free health check and consultations from Indocare Group’s very own medical team. Stay helpful, stay care and join us this September for the next Blood Donation Day.


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On February 11-13 2019, Indocare has participated in an exhibition called Pameran Produksi Dalam Negeri Sediaan Farmasi dan Alat kesehatan Indonesia 2019”. The event was held by Indonesian Ministry of Health and attended by the Minister of Health herself, Mrs. Nila F Moeloek. On this 3-day event, about 150 participants from health tools, PKRT (Perbekalan Kesehatan Rumah Tangga), pharmacy, traditional medicine, cosmetics, food, and drinks business were present to exhibit their finest products.


Indocare brought some its top products such as Holisticare Ester C, the non-acidic Vitamin C that gentle on the stomach; Biocalci72, the organic calcium supplement that also fortified with Ester-C; and Vitacare Maitake Pro, the maitake mushroom extract that helps cancer patients. These high quality products were successfully catching the eyes of people, including General Secretary of Ministry of Health, Mr. Oscar Primadi.


Under the business management of Konimex, Indocare vows to participate in helping the growth of pharmacy industry in Indonesia by prioritizing products with domestic manufacturing process like we have always been doing for 30 years of our existence.


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September 2015 was the very beginning of Yayasan Indocare Peduli’s journey in improving quality of life in Lampung. The clinic was established in Mekarharjo Village, Nyukangharjo, Central Lampung, and for about three years Yayasan Indocare Peduli and its partners have been working endlessly to help providing health treatments for the people in need particularly in surrounding area.


In order to reach and take care of more patients, relocation has been made. Padangrejo, a farmer and small merchant village which takes about five hours road trip from Bandar Lampung was chosen as the new location. On January 25th 2019, Yayasan Indocare Peduli, in cooperation with Andalas Radio Bandar Lampung held a live talk show to discuss about this news. Mr. Rudy Tandi came as the speaker, representing the foundation.


On the next day, Saturday, January 26th 2019, the newly relocated clinic was officially opened. From morning till afternoon, around 270 patients got some free health treatments, most of them were experiencing body aches which turned out to be high cholesterols and uric acid problems.


Deepest gratitude to our partners Yayasan St. Georgius, Klinik Pratama Ranap 'Panti Rahayu' Nyukangharjo, RS 'Maria Regina' Kotabumi, RS 'Panti Secanti' Gisting, and Klinik 'St. Maria' Metro without whom we would not be able to make this happen. Let’s keep on walking hand in hand to help the people in need.


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unit dental gisting

CARE has always been the core value of Indocare Group, that is why Indocare through its social foundation Yayasan Indocare Peduli (YIP) has been trying to put it into real actions such as free health checks for the people in need. To make it happen, YIP is working together with numerous healthcare institutions all over Indonesia, one of them is Panti Secanti Hospital.


Panti Secanti Hospital is located in Gisting, Lampung, Sumatra. This hospital has been working together with YIP and actively providing free healthcare for the villagers in need around Lampung area for years.


In December 2018, good news came from Panti Secanti Hospital. A new dental unit was donated by Ms. Anna Maria Inawati from Jakarta. With this newly installed dental unit, Panti Secanti Hospital will be able to cater to more dental patients. We are grateful for our generous donator and delighted that we can be a help for more people in the future.


Have you participated in caring and helping people in need? Join us at Indocare and be blessed to bless the people.


To complete our series of successful Campus Hiring events in 2018, Indocare Goes to Campus went to Krida Wacana University (UKRIDA) on October 5 2018 and Bunda Mulia University (UBM) on November 29 2018.


The event started with company introduction in order to find out more about PT Indocare Citrapasific and its business. Soon after that, series of psycho test and interviews were given so that the participants can get to know more about their personalities, talents, and interests. The event continued with an interactive sharing knowledge titled Tips Sukses Interview to help the participants who are mainly soon-to-be graduates acing interview sessions that they will face in the future. The event was also completed with a free bone health check especially for the event participants.

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Just like our previous ones, the events on the two last stops were also went well. The interesting sessions especially the sharing knowledge got the participants very excited as they are about to enter the working world very soon.


And that is it. We have successfully wrapped up 2018’s Indocare Goes to Campus. We’ll be back for another quest to search young talents across greater Jakarta. See you next year!


Mr.Yono* is a 57th year old man who used to work as a fish seller in Kalibaru, North Jakarta. Every night he had to go selling fishes at 1 am and worked between a large amount of ice that keeps the fishes freshly stored. For the sake of his family, Mr.Yono willingly fought the extreme temperature for years until he suffered from stroke.


In the blink of an eye, Mr.Yono’s life had turned upside down. Not only lost his job, he also lost his ability to do his daily activities and on top of that, his joints that got weaker each day cause his leg to shrink. In his narrow bedroom, Mr.Yono spends his days by lying on his small mattress. His health condition makes him depending solely on his wife who also need quit her job as martabak seller to take care of her husband. Although they can rely on their children for some financial support, Mr.Yono and his wife still live in poor condition in their cramped house.


Pak Yono mengalami stroke dan kaki yang mengecil Pak Yono mendapatkan penanganan medis yaitu akupuntur
Akses ke kamar Pak Yono harus melewati tangga yang curam Kondisi rumah Pak Yono yang memprihatinkan


Mr.Yono is one of many locals in Cilincing slum area that was visited by Yayasan Indocare Peduli (YIP) team and the Nuns of Puteri Kasih on November 17th 2018. YIP medical team and volunteers came to give some medical treatment for Mr.Yono. Started from providing medical treatment in YIP clinics in Indonesia, now YIP medical team also come to reach the patients’ houses, especially the people who couldn’t go to the clinic because of their physical weakness. All of these activities could be held successfully thanks to the support from Konimex Group, the parent company of Indocare and also the enthusiasm of YIP team and the volunteers that participated. These activities are some real examples of the main value of Indocare that is CARE. Let’s help and serve the people in need.



*Not a real name



Strong. That is the best word to describe Mrs.Rini, for she is a strong woman who always does her best, for her and her son’s life. The story of Mrs.Rini’s hardships began when her husband passed away decades ago. From that moment on, Mrs.Rini had worked twice as hard in order to earn for living and take care of her two little boys until one of her sons were tragically killed, living her in tremendous grief and sorrow.


So many years have passed, and Mrs.Rini still remains strong and hardworking. In a poor condition, Mrs.Rini lives with Komar, her son, the only treasure that she has. For a small amount of money, Mrs.Rini and Komar work by collecting and reselling old plastic bottles every single day. In a slum area in Cilincing, North Jakarta, they live in a cramped house that filled with old plastic bottles and other garbages. In that narrow space, there is a bathroom without door and walls that merges with their small kitchen, which causes an extremely poor sanitation in the house. On top of that, when Yayasan Indocare Peduli (YIP) team and the Nuns of Puteri Kasih visited her house on November 17 2018, Mrs.Rini also showed symptoms of Hepatitis like fatigue, nausea, fever, and yellowing of the skin.


On that occasion, our medical team has managed to give some treatments for Mrs.Rini. However, medical treatment is not enough to resolve Mrs.Rini’s problem in a long term, what matters the most is improving the poor sanitation that causes various diseases. In order to help Mrs.Rini and family, YIP would like to contribute in renovation and sanitation improvement in Mrs.Rini’s house.


Ibu Rini saat diperiksa dokter Keadaan di rumah ibu rini
Kondisi rumah ibu rini yang memprihatinkan Lantai rumah ibu rini dipenuhi botol bekas dan sampah lainnya


Mrs.Rini is one of many patients that have been visited by YIP Team. Started from providing medical treatment in YIP clinics in Indonesia, now YIP medical team which consists of doctors, acupuncturists, nurses, and volunteers also come all the way to reach the patients, especially the people who couldn’t go to the clinic because of their physical weakness. All of these activities could be held successfully thanks to the support from Konimex Group, the parent company of Indocare and also the enthusiasm of YIP team and the volunteers that participated. Let’s help and serve the people in need.



*Not a real name


Continuing the success of the previous event earlier this year, Yayayasan Indocare Peduli of Indocare Group is back with another Blood Donation Day. In collaboration with Palang Merah Indonesia, the highly anticipated event was held successfully and participated by 93 people that came from Indocare Group family and also people around the area of Indocare Group Headquarter, where the event was located. Not only donating their blood for the people in need, the participants also had the opportunity to get a free health check and consultations from Indocare’s very own medical team.


See you on our next health event!

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