Continuing the success of the previous event earlier this year, Yayayasan Indocare Peduli of Indocare Group is back with another Blood Donation Day. In collaboration with Palang Merah Indonesia, the highly anticipated event was held successfully and participated by 93 people that came from Indocare Group family and also people around the area of Indocare Group Headquarter, where the event was located. Not only donating their blood for the people in need, the participants also had the opportunity to get a free health check and consultations from Indocare’s very own medical team.


See you on our next health event!

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Indocare Goes to Campus is back! After series of success in various universities in greater Jakarta area, this time we were going back to some of our favorite place in Depok, University of Indonesia and Pancasila University.

Campus Hiring UI Agustus 18 1 Campus Hiring UI Agustus 18 2
 Campus Hiring UP Agustus 18 1  Campus Hiring UP Agustus 18 2


The events were held on August 8th and 15th 2018 went successfully. As usual, the participants were filled with enthusiasm as they found the sessions greatly useful for them who are about to enter the working world. Series of psychotests and interviews were done in order to assess the participants’ characters, interests and talents. The event also continued with an interactive sharing knowledge titled Tips Memilih Pekerjaan” to guide the participants in selecting and deciding what kind of job that they wish to pursue and what really suit them best. Merchandises and Free Bone Health Checks were also given as our tokens of appreciation for the students’ participations.


See you on the next Indocare Goes to Campus!


Sharing is caring, that’s the message that Indocare wants to deliver to all people. On August 8th 2018, Yayasan Indocare Peduli held a special event by providing free health treatments for the people in need, in collaboration with the Nuns of Puteri Kasih.

Baksos Cilincing 1 Baksos Cilincing 2
Baksos Cilincing 3 Baksos Cilincing 4

The team and volunteers were helping the locals in Cilincing, North Jakarta that mostly earn their living by peeling or transporting clam shells. The teams paid a visit to at least 20 houses of the locals especially the elders who couldn’t walk to the health center and afford some medical treatments.

The event which was held as a part of Indocare 30th anniversary was done successfully and filled with enthusiasm of the locals that were so grateful for the all the help and care. Let’s keep up the spirit to help and to share, for sharing is caring!

buka bersama 2018

Ramadan, The Holy Month for the muslims is back, Indocare Group is also back with its annual Ramadan event, The Iftar Dinner. The event was held on May 31st 2018, in Meruya Head Office, gathered the Indocare Group family for religious sermon by Ustadz and also an iftar feast.

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bukber1 bukber2 bukber3
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Indocare Group family had a chance to share the joy of Ramadan with the children from ‘Pondok Yatim dan Dhuafa Meruya, a local orphanage foundation that enthusiastically participated on the event, while enjoying the feast in togetherness. The children also couldn’t hide their joy and gratitude as they received a donation from Indocare Group which represented by Mr. Edianto Taman from the board of management. The fund for donation was successfully raised from the company, various donators and also a Charity Bazaar that previously held in Jami’ Darul ‘Ashim, Meruya.


We sincerely hope that the donation can be a help for the children in need at Pondok Yatim dan Dhuafa Meruya. See you on next Ramadan. Ramadan Kareem!

 seminar kanker surabaya

Continuing the success of the previous book launch in Jakarta on March, Gramedia, Trubus and Multicare once again collaborated in order to present the complementary therapy that brings new hope for cancer survivors; this time we went to the city of heroes, Surabaya.

cerdas menghadapi kanker dengan dokter rony wijaya peserta seminar kanker surabaya

The event was held on Saturday, March 5th 2018 at Gramedia Manyar, Surabaya along with a health seminar titled “Cerdas Menghadapi Kanker” as the answer for the rapid increase of cancer in Indonesia, including Surabaya.


On this occasion, the participants had the chance to learn more about cancer, including the complementary therapy that can be done to reduce the side effects of cancer therapies. “One of the complementary treatments is supplement from maitake mushroom,” as stated by dr. Ronny Wijaya, the speaker of this seminar.


In Indonesia, we are able to get all the greatness of maitake extract through Vitacare Maitake Pro from Multicare. Containing maitake extract and maitake D-fraction, this product is highly beneficial for maintaining body health and improving the life quality of cancer patients.

 IMG 9231

Continuing the previous successful event in Pancasila University, Indocare Goes to Campus went to the next stops. This time we were visiting University of Indonesia and Trisakti University on March 15 and 16 2018 in order to search for more talents.

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The events began with the company introduction in order to take a closer look about PT Indocare Citrapasific. Series of psycho test and interviews was done to assess the participants’ characters, interests and talents. The event continued with an interactive sharing knowledge titled “Tips Sukses Interview” to help the participants acing the interview sessions that they will face in the future. The event was also completed with a free bone health check especially for the event participants.


Just like the previous ones, the two events were also went well, mainly because of the interesting sessions that successfully excites the participants that are about to enter the working world. “Thank you so much for the knowledge and tips, I’m sure it will be very useful in the future,” said one of the participants that feel the importance of this kind of event.

See you on the next Indocare Goes to Campus!

Book Launching Maitake Seminar Kanker 1

Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases that kills millions people around the world. Indocare as a company that has been improving people’s quality of life through high quality health supplements also took part in raising awareness of this deadly disease.


Book Launching Maitake Seminar Kanker 2 Book Launching Maitake Seminar Kanker 3

On Saturday, March 24th 2018, Multicare, one of Indocare Group’s subsidiaries held a book launching titled ”Maitake Lebih Dari Sekadar Jamur Antikanker”. In collaboration with Trubus and Gramedia, this book presented everything about Maitake, Japanese mushroom that effectively works to maximize cancer therapies, while minimizing their side effects.

On the same occasion, a health seminar titled “Cerdas Menghadapi Kanker” was also held to get to know more about Cancer. Dr. Handrawan Nadesul, a doctor and writer of more than 90 health books served as the speaker of this event, explaining all about cancer from prevention to treatments including complementary treatment that is Maitake.


Wow Brand Holisticare Ester C 2018

Holisticare EsterC, once again has been proven as the leading brand of vitamin C supplement in Indonesia. In an awarding night held by Markplus Inc. on March 8th 2018, Holisticare EsterC was awarded with WOW Brand 2018.


This prestigious award was accepted by Mr. Rudy Tandi as the VP Marketing – Brand and Communication of PT. Indocare Citrapasific for the third time, proving the prominence of Holisticare EsterC as a vitamin C supplement brand. This award is highly important since it verified the consumers’ awareness, favors, and willingness to recommend Holisticare EsterC to the people around them.


On the same event, which was held in Ballroom Raffles Hotel Jakarta, Holisticare EsterC was also presented with ‘Brand for Good’ award for its great business values, implemented in real good action for better society and environment.


Donor Darah Indocare 2018

Indocare Group 30th anniversary is around the corner. To celebrate its long time existence, Indocare Group is back with a blood donation event titled “Donorkan Darahmu untuk Bantu Sesama”. This event was held on March 9th 2018, in The Headquarter of Indocare Group, Meruya, West Jakarta and successfully conducted by Yayasan Indocare Peduli (YIP), in collaboration with Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI).


 Donor Darah di Kantor Indocare Group  Antrian Pendonor Darah
 Konsultasi Dokter  Registrasi Peserta Donor Darah
 Konsultasi Kesehatan  Para Peserta diambil darahnya
 Pendonor darah  Pendonor darah pria

Not only donating their blood for the people in need, the participants also had the opportunity to get a free health consultation from our doctor, health check, and bone density check to prevent osteoporosis. Fun games and free healthy drinks were also given especially for the donor participants.


About 144 people registered to be a donor, proving that the event was successfully done, attracting various group of people, from Indocare Group family to people around the area where the even was located. Once again, Indocare has proved itself as the company that cares for the quality of life.

See you on the next Indocare 30th Anniversary event!

Gunung Agung

Natural disaster is a phenomenon that occurs beyond our power. Not only it could endanger our environment, it could also endanger us at anywhere and anytime. The eruption of Mount Agung in Bali earlier this month is one of the many examples of it. PT Indocare Citrapasific through Yayasan Indocare Peduli that stands with its commitment to improve people’s quality of life also took a part in giving healthcare for the people around Mount Agung area.

On 2-3 December 2017, from 08.00 PM-08.00 AM local time, approximately 150 people in a refugee camp in Rendang Village have received medical consultation and prescription medications that centered around diseases such as flu, rheumatic, upper respiratory tract infection (URI) and diarrhea. In collaboration with Yayasan Valentia Densios (YASVADE), the event was done successfully and filled with enthusiasm of all the refugees in need.


5 7
10 18

Through this event, Indocare has proved its commitment once again as a company that firmly holds to CARE as the core value as it has always been for the last 29 years.

See you on the next event of Indocare Peduli!