perayaan tahun baru indocare


Celebrating the upcoming year of 2015, indocare group held a new year party in Indocare Group headquarter. Before the main event begin it is started with chirstmas praying for the christian.


The new year celebration starts with a speech from Indocare group President, Mr Ridwan Salim. In his speech, he give a short message and a motivation related to event theme; Impossibility Mentality Destroys Creativity in order to create better achievement for indocare group in 2015. After the speech, employees using their time in discussion session to ask the management team all about the company work and performance.


Before the event is ended, the crew draw some number to decide 3 lucky employees to get a special doorprize. Finally the event is closed with a blast of confetti, the sound of rousing trumphet and with a wonderful dinner with all indocare group employees.

panti werda yip indocare


January 8th, 2015, Indocare Group visiting a nursing home called House of Werdha Berea in Kedoya, West Jakarta. This social activity is part of christmas celebration of Indocare Group to provide social support and sharing the joy of christmas to all member of the nursing house.


In this visit, the resident are invited to sing along with some joyful spiritual songs and do the prayers as a symbolic of grace to god. The visit ended with the giving of a donation by the Christmas Committee of Indocare Group and taking pictures with all the inhabitants of Werdha Berea.

terima wow brand 2015


Wednesday, March 25th 2015, Holisticare Ester C succesfully gain another award as GOLD CHAMPION OF INDONESIA WOW BRAND 2015 for single vitamin C. The winner from this MarkPlus, Inc. Award is choosen by the highest score of Brand Advocacy Ratio (BAR); the level of volunteerism certain consumers to recommend the brand to others, through consumer survey to hundred brands. The WOW Brand award not only a valid reflection of great consumer loyalty level but also the awareness and favorability level of Holisticare Ester C in the market.