Tips Sukses Memasuki Dunia Kerja

How do you feel when you finally got your first job? Happy, excited, nervous? Those bursting emotions are what you probably feel when you are starting a new job. In a new place, new environtment, new culture and also new habit, you may start wondering, ”Do I really have the capability?” ”Will I be able to satisfy my boss?” ”Will I be able to adapt in new environtment?” If those questions ever come across your mind, don’t worry, you’re not the only one! Most people have been through that phase once they set foot in the new work environtment, particulary as a fresh graduate. So, how to conquer your new workplace? Check out the tips below:

  1. Say Goodbye to Your College Days
    When you start working full time, you must have a strong mind because the professional world is so much different. If you used to be relaxed and tend to laid back on your college days, it’s time for you to change. As an employee, you have to be responsible for your job and that means you have to solve the problems and handle all things in a professional way. Show your sense of responsibility, credibility and integrity to your job. There will be many challenges and difficulties ahead, so toughen up!
  2. Dress Like A Professional
    Say goodbye to your usual old jeans, t-shirt and sneakers, it’s time for you to put on a formal clothes. If you are a man, try wearing shirt, dress pants and dress shoes, you can also add suit to complete your office look. If you are a woman, you can wear shirt or blouse complemented with skirt or pantsuit. A blazer and a pair of high heels will add more of your professional look. Also, a light makeup and minimum accessories is necessary, especially if your work demands you to go out and meet the clients. Your fashion style is one of your personal branding, so you have to take a really good care of it.
  3. Attitude Matters
    Your capability and skills may be the reason why you got your job, but bear in mind that your attitude will affect your career development in a long term. Your attitude is the reflection of your personal quality, so you need to watch your attitude and stay professional. Don’t rant on social medias about the difficulties or unsatisfaction about your job or co-workers. Also, don’t spend too much time on your handphone during the working hours. Stay focus on your work, your social medias can wait until the luch break or when you have finished all of your work. Remember, your attitude matters to your leader and the company where you work at.
  4. Build Good Connections and Relations
    As a new employee, you need to immediately adapt to your surroundings, and that includes your co-workers. You can start by getting to know your teammates since they’re the ones who will get in touch with you on daily basis. You have to build a strong teamwork with them. You can also ask them about the working flow, the office culture and many more. After getting acquainted with your teammates, try to get to know the people in the related departments. It’s essential to have a good relation with them since you are about to cooperate with them a lot in the future. As the new kid on the block, you may need to approach your co-workers first, but that’s fine. Be friendly! You can also make time for a little chit chat on lunch time to mingle with them. When you have good relations with the people in your new office, you’ll be able to adapt faster and better because a good environment will make you feel happier and more motivated in doing your daily activities.
  5. Keep Learning
    Many challenges will block your way and as a professional, you need to face and solve it. You have to keep learning to finish what you’ve started. Take a chance and make the right move. Sometimes you can be right, but some other times, you might make some mistakes and it’s alright, because experience is the best teacher. Take that time to evaluate and reflect yourself, make sure you won’t make the same mistake. You can also learn from the people around you, how your co-worker or leader works may inspire you, or make a good use of Internet by finding out various information that will help you to enrich your knowledge, thoughts and skills. It’s very important to stay updated and keep your mind sharp because that’s the key of your improvements.


If you want to learn more and develop your career, here’s a one good place for you. PT Indocare Citrapasific gives you the opportunity to join and spread your wings. Go to www.indocare.comon the career section for more info about the job opportunity that suits you best.


We hope these tips will be your useful guide to conquer the workplace. Best of luck!



Goes to Campus is back 6

Goes to Campus is back 5

Goes to Campus is back 4

Goes to Campus is back 3

Goes to Campus is back 2 Goes to Campus is back 1

Indocare is back with Indocare Goes to Campus to visit universities in Jakarta.
To continue the success of the previous event, we were revisiting Pancasila University which located in Jagakarsa, South Jakarta. This time, we also add Budi Luhur University, Petukangan, South Jakarta to our visit list.

The event was done successfully and filled with the participants’ enthusiasm.
The first session began with an introduction to Indocare, mainly to get the participants a better understanding about Indocare. The participants also had the chance to find out more about their personalities through series of psycho test and interview. A bone health check was also given for free, special for the participants of this event. The event reached a new height when a seminar session titled “Understanding My Personality” was delivered by Mrs. Novenny Rialenna, the HRD and GA General Manager of Indocare. Through this event, the participants were able to dig deeper about their personality and what type of job that suits them best.

See you on the next Indocare Goes to Campus!

5 star employee

When you go on a vacation, what kind of place that you prefer to stay at? Is it a shabby hotel that has no proper facilities and inconvenient or a nice 5 star hotel equipped with the best facilities where you can rest and relax comfortably?  Most of us will tend to choose the latter option. We’ll most likely wish to get the best experience from staying at the 5 star hotel, not for the sake of our pride alone, but for the high quality that offered.


Based on the illustration above, it is safe to say that good quality will always be the first choice, and it does not only apply in your vacation preference, but also in the working life. The well qualified and capable employee will get a better chance to reach the top and be successful.

Now, here comes the question; what kind of employee are you? Were you chosen for your job because you already have the capability and quality? Or is it the good amount of money that makes you strive to be capable and qualified for the job?


“Does the amount of salary makes you want to be qualified or does the quality of your work that makes you earn the amount of your salary?”


If you all set to be a great employee, then good for you. But for those of you who might just realized that you haven’t got it in you, take a look at the tips below to be a 5 Star Employee:


  1. Back to The Start
    Do what you are passionate about, work in the field that your are interested in, because that way you can enjoy doing your tasks and assignments. You can also give the best for the company that you work at.
    Nevertheless, not everyone can have their dream job, if that’s what happen to you, don’t worry. Be grateful for what you have and that includes the work that God has entrusted to you, because everything happens for a reason. Take a look back, how many things you’ve learned through this job. Go back to the starting point and try to work with a different point of view, a positive mindset that will lead you to be happy and thankful for your job. When you keep a positive mind, every task that you have to do will be an interesting challenge and a great excitement. That’s what makes the high job position, the good earning and the benefits won’t be your ultimate goal, but a reward for your hardwork and dedication.

  2. Different Perspective
    You are you. Stop comparing yourself with anybody else that will make you feel inferior and not good enough. Stay focus on your talents and be yourself. Whatever you do, do your best. Manage your time wisely in order to be as productive as possible, that way you can give the best outcome for the company. You can also try to see from the company’s perspective; since the value of your job performance is not measured from your own perspective but from the way you show your capability by giving the best results that will benefit the company. That effort is what makes you go up and succeed. Remember, career is not a gift from the company for you, but the outcome of your hardwork.

  3. Find The Secret
    Pay attention to the things that may distract you from your career path such as playing games on working hours, getting acquainted with troubled  employee or expressing negative things on social media. You also need to bear in mind that there will be ups and downs on your career, and they may come without any notice. When that happens, keep your champion mindset and attitude, because that difficult times will strengthen your career muscles and push you up to be even greater than before. Create your work plan and budget to make you keep on track. Today is the accumulation of what you did yesterday, and tomorrow will be the outcome of what you do today.

  4. Profit for The Company, Career for You
    Hoping for a better career and benefits without trying to do your best is useless. Instead, be someone that deserves to be chosen, promoted and get better benefits from the company, not for your long working period or good attitude but for your great work performance. Also, be grateful for your earnings, no matter how much it might be. Don’t complain about what you have received.

  5. Top Professionalism
    Stay focus on developing within yourself, learn new knowledge and build positive characters within you. Professionalism starts from action, that action will become a habit, that good habit will lead to skills. You can improve your professionalism by developing your skills and emotional quotient while continuously striving for excellence.


You are the leader of yourself. Where your career heads to depends on your own decision, and to be successful you need to build and shape your top professional skills from now.

Fill yourself with motivation that never goes out, perserverance, hardworking mindset and always keep your life values. Go extra mile! Work hard and smart, let’s strive to be a 5 star employee.


(Taken from 5 Star Employee by Ir. Timotius Oyong, CBA, CPHR, COA)

Indocare Launch Its Competency Directory 2016

Indocare always regards employees as partner in achieving common goals, hence human resource development always become a priority. For the past few years, Indocare has applying Competence Based Human Resource Management (CBHRM) using competency dictionary as guidance. Staying true to the spirit of ‘continuous improvement’, Indocare continuously reviewed its competency dictionary and with some help from human resource consultant, Indocare finally make some major improvement in 2016.


Two days workshop (20th to 21st October 2016) was held to mark the launch of the new competency dictionary. During the event the new competency standard was introduced to managerial level until section head level.


The workshop is designed to build a common understanding and perception of employees in applying Competence Based Human Resource Management using the Standard Competency Directory 2016. Therefore, all levels of employee have the right competency according to its level and they would become reliable to create progress for the company.



Indocare Goes to Campus Kunjungi Universitas Pancasila

Indocare Goes to Campus Kunjungi Universitas Pancasila 2

Indocare Goes to Campus Kunjungi Universitas Pancasila 3

Indocare Goes to Campus Kunjungi Universitas Pancasila 1

Indocare Goes to Campus Kunjungi Universitas Pancasila 9 Indocare Goes to Campus Kunjungi Universitas Pancasila 8

September 15, 2016, Indocare Group held a campus visit event called “Indocare Goes to Campus” in Pancasila University which located in Jagakarsa, South Jakarta. This event created to introduce Indocare intensively to the college student and mainly for them who already completed their education and creating good business relation with the Pancasila University in order to provide job opportunities for their students to start career in Indocare Group.


The interesting part of this “Go to Campus” event is Indocare Group present a personal branding seminar that delivered by Mr. Franklin Iskandar (General Manager Marketing) as speaker. The seminar is beneficial to increase participant’s knowledge in building a personal brand when start their career. As a healthcare company, Indocare group also supported this event with a free bone health check, walk in interview for shortlisted candidates and consultation session of personality test for the participants. The event is running pretty good and receive a good response from the participants.


Pancasila University is the third campus that been visited by Indocare Group. In the past several months ago, Indocare Group is already visiting Tarumanagara University and Bina Nusantara University.

DSC 9539


On Wednesday, April 17th, PT Indocare Citrapasific (Indocare) and The Assessment Institute for Foods, Drugs, and Cosmetics of the Indonesian Council of Ulama (LPPOM MUI) symbolically announced the launching of halal certification for all Holisticare EsterC product variants (tablets, effervescent, and kids). In a press release that discussed about halal certification, Holisticare EsterC reinforced its status as a reliable brand by receiving Halal certification from LPPOM MUI in 2017.


Monica Katrin, the Vice President of Marketing of PT Indocare Citrapasific stated, "We humbly and proudly announce the acceptance of Halal certification from LPPOM MUI. This encourages us to continuously maintain the quality of Holisticare EsterC products for Indonesian families. In addition, it has also becomes a solid proof of our commitment to constantly strive for excellence by delivering vitamin C products that not only gentle on stomach, but also convenient in the heart."


The event was also filled with an interactive discussion , presented by the representatives of the LPPOM MUI and Indonesian Medical Doctor Nutrition Society (PDGMI). On the Press Release, Ir. Hj. Muti Arintawati as the Deputy Director of LPPOM MUI also stated, "The Halal certification that given to Holisticare EsterC is not a mere label as it shows our recognition for Holisticare EsterC's commitment and ability to constantly maintain and guarantee the products high quality to fulfill the principles of halal and thayyib by meeting the strict requirements according to the Indonesian law."


With Holisticare EsterC’s inauguration as a halal vitamin C supplement, the consumers will surely have an ideal choice for their vitamin C intake; holistic and also convenient in the heart. This inauguration also confirms that Indocare has proven their commitment to Indonesian people by improving the quality of life through high quality products.



Friday, 12 February 2016, PT Indocare Citrapasific officialy held Balanced Scorecard training program as one of usable management tools to measure company work performance. This training is conducted by strategic management team for employee on managerial status, so they will able to understand and able to use the BSC tools in order to increase work perfomance of their department or division.

perayaan tahun baru indocare


Celebrating the upcoming year of 2015, indocare group held a new year party in Indocare Group headquarter. Before the main event begin it is started with chirstmas praying for the christian.


The new year celebration starts with a speech from Indocare group President, Mr Ridwan Salim. In his speech, he give a short message and a motivation related to event theme; Impossibility Mentality Destroys Creativity in order to create better achievement for indocare group in 2015. After the speech, employees using their time in discussion session to ask the management team all about the company work and performance.


Before the event is ended, the crew draw some number to decide 3 lucky employees to get a special doorprize. Finally the event is closed with a blast of confetti, the sound of rousing trumphet and with a wonderful dinner with all indocare group employees.

panti werda yip indocare


January 8th, 2015, Indocare Group visiting a nursing home called House of Werdha Berea in Kedoya, West Jakarta. This social activity is part of christmas celebration of Indocare Group to provide social support and sharing the joy of christmas to all member of the nursing house.


In this visit, the resident are invited to sing along with some joyful spiritual songs and do the prayers as a symbolic of grace to god. The visit ended with the giving of a donation by the Christmas Committee of Indocare Group and taking pictures with all the inhabitants of Werdha Berea.

terima wow brand 2015


Wednesday, March 25th 2015, Holisticare Ester C succesfully gain another award as GOLD CHAMPION OF INDONESIA WOW BRAND 2015 for single vitamin C. The winner from this MarkPlus, Inc. Award is choosen by the highest score of Brand Advocacy Ratio (BAR); the level of volunteerism certain consumers to recommend the brand to others, through consumer survey to hundred brands. The WOW Brand award not only a valid reflection of great consumer loyalty level but also the awareness and favorability level of Holisticare Ester C in the market.