As an employee at a company, you are expected to finish all of your tasks and do your best to be able achieve a success. You spend your time, energy and effort at the office for at least 8 hours per day and 5 days per week doing all sorts of things to meet the deadlines, achieve the targets and get everything done. After the frenzy at work, you also have to face Jakarta’s infamous traffic jam before you can finally crawl back to your bed. This hectic and tiresome routine will drain you out easily, makes you feel extremely tired and don’t have enough time and energy to exercise or eat properly. If you are not being careful, it will affect you in a bad way, not only it will risk your health but also your work performance.


So, check out these simple yet important things that you can do in order to get a healthier lifestyle for better productivity at work:


  1. Work it out!
    A daily exercise is a must! Since it improves your body metabolism and strengthens your body immune system against the germs, virus or bacteria. Wake up earlier and make some time to do some exercise like jogging, running, bicycling, or maybe dancing. You can do it at least 20 minutes per day. Do this regularly and you’ll feel the difference. Your body will be more fit, healthy and ready to face the day.
  2. Eat healthily and stay hydrated
    Food is your ultimate source of energy. When you eat right, you’ll have a healthier body which will be a great help for you to through the hectic day. So, taking a good care of your daily meal is essential. Add more fruits and green veggies that rich with fibers to your menu. Avoid high-fat and high-cholesterol food and also instant food products. Don’t forget to fulfill your carbs need, but make sure to take it wisely, because too much carbs could gain you more weight in no time. Another important thing to do is keep hydrated. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to get more energy and better excretory system. Plus, drinking plenty of water will help to nourish skin and maintain your ideal weight.
  3. Have a good rest
    After a long and hectic day, a good sleep is a must. When you rest at night, you’re not only relieving your fatigue, but your body also doing an important task by regenerating all the cells within in order to function better after you wake up. So, make sure to get at least 7 hours every day and avoid bad sleeping habits like sleeping late because sleep deprivation could affect both of your physical and mental health and that includes ruining your work performance.
  4. Start with your favorite task
    To be able to enjoy your day at work your day at work, you can start by doing your favorite tasks, that can be the ones that are relatively easier or what you think more enjoyable to do. After you through with all the small tasks, then you can move on to bigger tasks that require more of your focus, time and energy. It’s very important to be able to enjoy what you do, because once you have that feeling, you’ll be able to perform at your best.
  5. Be proactive
    Always be proactive! As an employee, you can’t expect your superior to always tell you what to do. So, step up and be active, find out what you need to do next. You can also give a hand and help your teammates at times; it will make the tasks done faster and gives you a good chance to strengthen the bond within the team. Staying proactive helps you to get more excited, focused and ready to seize the day.
  6. Stay positive and motivated
    Stress is the source of many negative things, including getting unproductive at work. So, don’t forget to always start your day with optimism because that’s what helps you to survive even in the hardest day. You can also boost your mood by decorating your work desk, listening to relaxing or energizing music that will light you up. Also, you can use your weekend to recharge yourself. You can do your hobbies; spend some quality time with beloved ones or have some me-time. That way you can start the new week, all freshen up and feeling more motivated.


Hope the simple tips above will help you to get better productivity at work by having a healthier life. You can also add some health supplements in order to complete your healthy lifestyle. Working at a company that provides health supplements will surely gives you a better access to those highly benefical health supplements. That’s why PT Indocare Citrapasific is a great choice for you. Come and join us! Go to www.indocare.com on the career section for more info about the job opportunity that suits you best.

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