unit dental gisting

CARE has always been the core value of Indocare Group, that is why Indocare through its social foundation Yayasan Indocare Peduli (YIP) has been trying to put it into real actions such as free health checks for the people in need. To make it happen, YIP is working together with numerous healthcare institutions all over Indonesia, one of them is Panti Secanti Hospital.


Panti Secanti Hospital is located in Gisting, Lampung, Sumatra. This hospital has been working together with YIP and actively providing free healthcare for the villagers in need around Lampung area for years.


In December 2018, good news came from Panti Secanti Hospital. A new dental unit was donated by Ms. Anna Maria Inawati from Jakarta. With this newly installed dental unit, Panti Secanti Hospital will be able to cater to more dental patients. We are grateful for our generous donator and delighted that we can be a help for more people in the future.


Have you participated in caring and helping people in need? Join us at Indocare and be blessed to bless the people.