Gunung Agung

Natural disaster is a phenomenon that occurs beyond our power. Not only it could endanger our environment, it could also endanger us at anywhere and anytime. The eruption of Mount Agung in Bali earlier this month is one of the many examples of it. PT Indocare Citrapasific through Yayasan Indocare Peduli that stands with its commitment to improve people’s quality of life also took a part in giving healthcare for the people around Mount Agung area.

On 2-3 December 2017, from 08.00 PM-08.00 AM local time, approximately 150 people in a refugee camp in Rendang Village have received medical consultation and prescription medications that centered around diseases such as flu, rheumatic, upper respiratory tract infection (URI) and diarrhea. In collaboration with Yayasan Valentia Densios (YASVADE), the event was done successfully and filled with enthusiasm of all the refugees in need.


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Through this event, Indocare has proved its commitment once again as a company that firmly holds to CARE as the core value as it has always been for the last 29 years.

See you on the next event of Indocare Peduli!


To continue the previous successes of Indocare Goes to Campus earlier this year, Indocare went to the final stops in 2017 by looking for more talents in Universitas Bunda Mulia, North Jakarta dan Universitas Bina Nusantara, West Jakarta. The event started with an introduction of PT Indocare Citrapasific through company profile. The session then continued with series of tests and interviews in order to assess the participants’ characters, interests and talents. An interactive seminar session titled “Understanding My Personality” was also presented by Ms. Irmina Wijayanti as the HRD Section Head of Indocare especially for the participants to dig deeper about their personalities and the career choice that suit them best. The event was done successfully because of the interesting topics and great presentations that triggered the participants’ curiosity about their personalities and ideal jobs. Not only they got a chance to know more about themselves, in this event, the participants were also got a chance to do a free bone health check.

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And that is all about Indocare Goes to Campus in 2017. Find out our next stop on Indocare Goes to Campus next year!

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Natural disaster is a phenomenon that occurs beyond our power. Not only it could endanger our environment, it could also endanger us at anywhere and anytime. In early December last year, after the mount eruption in Bali, another disaster occured, this time took place in Yogyakarta area. PT Indocare Citrapasific through Yayasan Indocare Peduli once again held healthcare service for the people around the disaster area.


On 17th December 2017, from 01.00-03.00 PM local time, approximately 60 villagers have received medical consultation and prescription medications after experiencing Cyclone Cempaka. In collaboration with Klinik Pratama Realino, the event was done successfully and filled with enthusiasm of all the people in need.


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Through this event, Indocare has proved its commitment once again as a company that firmly holds to CARE as the core value as it has always been for the last 29 years.
See you on the next event of Indocare Peduli!

Syukuran Indocare Group 2018 Keep Up The Spirit

2017 has reached the end, and 2018 has finally come. To commemorate the successful journey throughout the last year while preparing to face the New Year with a brand new spirit; on February 2nd, 2018, Indocare Group Family gathered at Meruya Head Office for a special event called “Syukuran Indocare Group 2018”.


The event was filled with joy and excitement of all the employees as The President of Indocare Group, Mr. Ridwan Salim, MBA, shared his thoughts on Indocare’s achievements for the past year, the goals for this year, and the plans for Indocare 30th Anniversary celebration.


On this joyful occasion, a special book was also presented to the Board of Management. This "Master Book" created by Mrs.Noviana, who served as the head of PT Citrasemesta Asrisejati, a subsidiary of Indocare Group that in charge of production. The book which contains all about transparent soap development should be a great help for the CSAS team in making a perfect transparent soap product.


The event continued with a special appreciation for the best employees, handed personally by The Board of Management, followed by a fun session of Games and Door Prize time. After having fun through game time, all of the employees and Board of Management came together for a nice supper.


Let’s keep up the spirit to strive for excellence for this year and many years to come!


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After series of successful events throughout 2017, Indocare Goes to Campus has finally returned. This time, we began our talent hunt by visiting Pancasila University, South Jakarta. The event started with an introduction of PT Indocare Citrapasific through company profile. After getting to know more about Indocare, it’s time for the participants to know more about themselves through series of psycho tests. The tests were done in order to assess their characters, interests and talents. A sharing knowledge session titled “Tips Sukses Interview” was also given to help the participants in preparing themselves for the work life. Also, bone health check was given for free, especially for the participants. The Campus Hiring event was done successfully and filled with enthusiasm mainly because of the interactive sessions that will be very useful for the participants.


Stay tuned for the Indocare Goes to Campus event!


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Jangan Lupa Bahagia

Have you ever felt stressful, depressed, and drained to the point that you can’t be able to function properly? That’s your heart and mind sending signals that you need to be recharged, you need to heal yourself in order to be back on the track again. But, how can we avoid ourselves from that kind of breakdown?


The answer is “happiness”. We may not don’t have any power to control the problems and challenges coming in our way, but truth is, you can fight all of those problems when you keep a positive outlook on life. In other words, you need to be happy.


Every person has different standard of happiness. Maybe most of us have a mindset that “Happiness will come when I achieved a success in life”. But is that really true? Do we really need to be success first in order to be happy? And if we’re already success, will it automatically makes us a happy person? Not really! People tend to crave some more and that makes it hard to make us satisfied. So, when will you be really happy?


The key is you need to realize that the happiness you’ve been longing for is there, deep within yourself; not in other people, money, or the situations around you. You can get your own happiness when you make peace with yourself.


Here are some tips on how find and feel your happiness in life:

  1. Find your meaning of life
    You need to try to remember and discover what your true life goal is and actually start to live it up.
  2. Fulfill your calling
    Do things that make you happy, your hobby may turn into your profession, who knows?
  3. Quality time with friends
    Laugh out loud, joke around or share your deepest thoughts. The point is recharging your soul.
  4. Stay away from bad thoughts
    Don’t poison your mind with toxic feelings such as anger, envy etc. because it will block you happiness.
  5. Treasure every moment and be thankful
    Everything happens for a reason, so do the challenges we faced in this life. Be grateful and learn from it to be a better person.


Success is not the ultimate key to our happiness, but happiness is the ultimate key to our success. It will help us to be able to do more than we think we can, and achieve things more than what we think we can, don’t you ever forget that.


One of the things that get you even happier is to work according to your passion, in a supportive work environment. Come join us in PT Indocare Citrapasific, find the job that suits you best on pada in career section.


(Inspired from ”Manusia Apa Robot”Book by William Budiman)

After series of successful events in numbers of universities in Jakarta, Indocare Goes to Campus is back. This time we were searching for the exceptional talents in Tarumanagara University, West Jakarta. The event began with an introduction to Indocare, mainly to get the participants a better understanding about Indocare. Series of psycho test and interviews were done in order to find out more about the participants’ personalities and the job that suits them best. The event continued with an attractive sharing knowledge titled “Personal Branding” by the Training and Development team of Indocare. Last but not least, a free bone check was also given especially for the participants of the events.

See you on the next “Indocare Goes to Campus”!


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Indocare pekerjaan adalah panggilan hidup

There are many things that people need to be able to live properly; one of the most essential things is having a job, because that way you can earn your living and fulfill your daily needs. However, people often get stuck with the idea of earning money for living as the main reason for having a job. If that’s the case, then working life could easily get turned into a difficult and stressful thing to deal with. The question is, is money the main purpose of having a job?
In his book, “8 Etos Kerja Profesional”, Jansen Hulman Sinamo, Indonesia’s “Father of Work Ethos” stated the third work ethos: Work is a Vocation (Kerja adalah Panggilan). That means every individual was born into this world with a specific calling and specific talents, interests and ability in order to achieve their vocation. Be it a teacher, a doctor, an accountant and many more professions.

Living your profession is something that has to be done rightfully and continuously in order to build integrity within yourself. And once you have it in you, you will be able to see your work in a new light. Doing tasks at work will not be a burden but instead you will get motivated to do your very best every time you face a new responsibility in your hand. That way, you will define work as a sacred duty (dharma) as a way of serving God.

So, have you found a job that suits your vocation? Do you wish for a job in a place where you can improve yourself not only in terms of working skills but also in building your working values and personality? Join us at PT Indocare Citrapasific, a company that believes in a value that all things we do in life including working is our way to serve God and therefore needs to be done with all our might. Come and be a part of our team! Go to on the career section for more info about the job opportunity that suits you best.

Setelah sukses menyelenggarakan acara Bazar Murah pada bulan ramadhan yang lalu, kali ini PT Indocare Citrapasific melalui Yayasan Indocare Peduli kembali hadir dengan acara lainnya yaitu Aksi Sosial Donor Darah. Sebagai wujud nyata dari kepedulian Indocare, pada tanggal 14 Juli 2017, bertempat di gedung kantor PT Indocare Citrapasific di Rukan Taman Meruya - Jakarta Barat, acara ini dilangsungkan atas kerjasama Indocare dengan Palang Merah Indonesia. Selain dapat mendonorkan darah untuk membantu orang yang membutuhkan, para pendonor juga berkesempatan untuk melakukan pengecekan dan konsultasi kesehatan secara gratis, pengecekan kepadatan tulang, serta mendapatkan produk suplemen kesehatan dari Indocare. Acara yang dibuka untuk umum ini disambut dengan antusias para karyawan Indocare dan masyarakat sekitar. Indocare pun berencana untuk  menyelenggarakan kegiatan serupa secara berkala di waktu mendatang. Sampai jumpa di event Indocare Peduli selanjutnya!


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As an employee at a company, you are expected to finish all of your tasks and do your best to be able achieve a success. You spend your time, energy and effort at the office for at least 8 hours per day and 5 days per week doing all sorts of things to meet the deadlines, achieve the targets and get everything done. After the frenzy at work, you also have to face Jakarta’s infamous traffic jam before you can finally crawl back to your bed. This hectic and tiresome routine will drain you out easily, makes you feel extremely tired and don’t have enough time and energy to exercise or eat properly. If you are not being careful, it will affect you in a bad way, not only it will risk your health but also your work performance.


So, check out these simple yet important things that you can do in order to get a healthier lifestyle for better productivity at work:


  1. Work it out!
    A daily exercise is a must! Since it improves your body metabolism and strengthens your body immune system against the germs, virus or bacteria. Wake up earlier and make some time to do some exercise like jogging, running, bicycling, or maybe dancing. You can do it at least 20 minutes per day. Do this regularly and you’ll feel the difference. Your body will be more fit, healthy and ready to face the day.
  2. Eat healthily and stay hydrated
    Food is your ultimate source of energy. When you eat right, you’ll have a healthier body which will be a great help for you to through the hectic day. So, taking a good care of your daily meal is essential. Add more fruits and green veggies that rich with fibers to your menu. Avoid high-fat and high-cholesterol food and also instant food products. Don’t forget to fulfill your carbs need, but make sure to take it wisely, because too much carbs could gain you more weight in no time. Another important thing to do is keep hydrated. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to get more energy and better excretory system. Plus, drinking plenty of water will help to nourish skin and maintain your ideal weight.
  3. Have a good rest
    After a long and hectic day, a good sleep is a must. When you rest at night, you’re not only relieving your fatigue, but your body also doing an important task by regenerating all the cells within in order to function better after you wake up. So, make sure to get at least 7 hours every day and avoid bad sleeping habits like sleeping late because sleep deprivation could affect both of your physical and mental health and that includes ruining your work performance.
  4. Start with your favorite task
    To be able to enjoy your day at work your day at work, you can start by doing your favorite tasks, that can be the ones that are relatively easier or what you think more enjoyable to do. After you through with all the small tasks, then you can move on to bigger tasks that require more of your focus, time and energy. It’s very important to be able to enjoy what you do, because once you have that feeling, you’ll be able to perform at your best.
  5. Be proactive
    Always be proactive! As an employee, you can’t expect your superior to always tell you what to do. So, step up and be active, find out what you need to do next. You can also give a hand and help your teammates at times; it will make the tasks done faster and gives you a good chance to strengthen the bond within the team. Staying proactive helps you to get more excited, focused and ready to seize the day.
  6. Stay positive and motivated
    Stress is the source of many negative things, including getting unproductive at work. So, don’t forget to always start your day with optimism because that’s what helps you to survive even in the hardest day. You can also boost your mood by decorating your work desk, listening to relaxing or energizing music that will light you up. Also, you can use your weekend to recharge yourself. You can do your hobbies; spend some quality time with beloved ones or have some me-time. That way you can start the new week, all freshen up and feeling more motivated.


Hope the simple tips above will help you to get better productivity at work by having a healthier life. You can also add some health supplements in order to complete your healthy lifestyle. Working at a company that provides health supplements will surely gives you a better access to those highly benefical health supplements. That’s why PT Indocare Citrapasific is a great choice for you. Come and join us! Go to on the career section for more info about the job opportunity that suits you best.

(Taken from various internet articles)